Our Charity Partner

Delivering Social Change through Golf & Photography

Charity Partner

The Golf Trust

The Golfer’s Image are delighted to working with The Golf Trust, in the UK, as our main charity partner for The Golfer’s Image in 2022 and 2023.

The Golf Trust’s work has brought the benefits of golf to thousands of people and helped to make golf an accessible sport for all. They harness the power of golf as a driver of social mobility and change. The impact of their work goes beyond what happens on the golf course; Golf has the power to bring together homes, families and communities. Their specialism is adapting the golf activity to suit the needs of the community.

Through The Golf Photography Awards, The Golfer’s Image will be donating all its profits from the competition entry fees to strategic projects delivered by The Golf Trust. A partnership which will change lives and prove that golf can be an inclusive part of the community driving positive social outcomes.

The Golf Trust