The Old Course, St. Andrews – Photo by Kevin Murray

Categories & Prizes for The Golf Photography Awards

Categories for the Awards

Category 1

Golf Landscapes

The Golf Landscapes category covers all landscape style photography of the stunning golf courses we play, the beautiful clubhouses we enjoy and all the scenery and landscapes in and around a golf course.

Photo by Ricky Robinson
Lifestyle image by Fyfe Golf
Category 2

Golf Lifestyle

The Golf Lifestyle category is a broader one to capture all the golfing lifestyle, fashions, products, merchandise and non-golf course related images. We encourage creativity within this category capturing the spirit of the game through the lifestyle of golf.

Category 3

Portraits & People

Golf is not always about the score you make, the course you played or the clubs in your bag. Its more often than not about the people you meet and the partners you play with, the camaraderie on the course is unrivalled compared to any other game. This category is dedicated to the people who have golf in their veins.

Goat Hill Park - Photo by Patrick Koenig

"Golf is like a love affair. If you don't take it seriously, it's no fun; if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart."

 Arthur Daley

The Old Course, St. Andrews - Photo by Mike Johansson (iPhone 10)
Category 4

Smartphone Only

Many thousands of images are created on golf courses worldwide everyday by smartphones, and many of them are worthy of recognition. This category is open to smartphone only images, those taken on iPhones, Android phones and other smartphones.

Category 5

Drone Images

Drones have really allowed the golf photographer to discover new areas and angles not seen before. The creativity and visual quality created by drones can be breathtaking and this category is dedicated to images captured on a drone.

Tara Iti, New Zealand - Photo by Rocky Robinson